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All you need to know about Energy Metrics in Software Engineering
Posted on 13 May 2023.
Joules, watts, tonnes of CO2, kilowatt-hour, you name it. If you have read any articles about energy consumption, you have probably come across these units. This medley of units can sometimes make it difficult to grasp key concepts in your reading. These units are not necessarily representing the same concept. For example, power (measured in watts) is different from energy consumption (measured in joules). Before diving into green software, we ought to be comfortable with the jargon. This article serves as a go-to source of truth for energy-related metrics.

The Five Dimensions of Sustainable Software Engineering and How Education Can Help!
Posted on 01 Jan 2022.
Many software organisations are racing to beat their competitors in terms of sustainability. It is a flag that no one wants to stand behind. However, the whole discipline is till very new and doing it right is far from easy. Despite being a honourable cause, the pressure to beat the market and meet the expectations of their users might lead to imprecisions. Intentionally or not, we want to avoid such imprecisions to give the podium to the wrong players. In this article, we talk about the five dimensions of sustainability, green washing, what it takes to certify software sustainability, and why education is quintessential to make the difference.

Green Software Development Is The Only Software Development We Need. Branch.
Posted on 01 Nov 2021.
Education plays an important role in leading the upcoming green digital transition. Soon, being green-literate will be quintessential to the development of software systems at any scale. Join the group of innovators of this green transition and get started in measuring the energy consumption of software applications.

Everything you need to know about Green AI (DRAFT)
Posted on 23 Oct 2021.
These are just a few notes taken about the implications of the massive energy consumption that stems from AI. I don’t have short-term plans to finish the article, but I’ll leave the draft around.

Green Software Engineering Done Right: a Scientific Guide to Set Up Energy Efficiency Experiments
Posted on 10 Oct 2021.
Are you studying the energy consumption of software technologies? Regardless of whether you are focusing on blockchain, artificial intelligence, cloud systems, or any other type of software, it is important to define a reliable approach before diving deep into energy measurements. This post provides a step-by-step guide to help you define a solid scientific methodology to measure software energy consumption. A simple mistake in the methodology might completely void your results and increase the chances of drawing wrong conclusions. We will see how to mitigate any potential bias or errors in the energy measurement setup – this is quintessential if you are planning to publish your results. If you have a general interest in the energy efficiency of software but are not exactly doing research, you may also find this post interesting. Come along and let me know your thoughts.

Tools to Measure Software Energy Consumption from your Computer
Posted on 20 Jul 2021.
Measuring the energy consumption of software is far from being a trivial task. This article provides essential details about energy consumption tools, their configuration in various software systems, and associated pros and cons. Being able to measure and interpret energy data is one of the most important skills to create Green Software. Read on and let me know your thoughts!

16 Guidelines for Effective Data Visualizations in Academic Papers
Posted on 01 Mar 2021.
This article presents basic guidelines to help create effective visualizations. There are no golden rules, but there are some basic guidelines that I find useful based on my experience as an academic. I wrote this article having academic writing in mind, but it is certainly useful for any type of communication.

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